YOUTH CAMP 1 JULY 7-12 2-8 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
ADVENTURE CAMP July 7-12 6-8 $590 / $735 / $870 / $1,010
HIGH SCHOOL WEEK JULY 7-12 9-12 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
YOUTH CAMP 2 JULY 14-19 2-8 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
YOUTH CAMP 3 (Curtains Up) JULY 21-26 2-8 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
LEADERS IN TRAINING JULY 21 - AUGUST 9 11 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
YOUTH CAMP 4 JULY 28 - AUGUST 2 2-8 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
SEEK (2 week program) JULY 28 - AUGUST 9 8-10 $865 / $995 / $1,120 / $1,245
YOUTH CAMP 5 (Artist in Residence) AUGUST 4-9 2-8 $565 / $710 / $835 / $985
FAMILY CAMP AUGUST 11-16 $175 - $250

* Holdover Weekend is for campers who attend camp during the weeks on either side of the weekend. Staff and activities will be available for Holdover Weekends.


Sample schedule (programming changes slightly depending on the day):  

7:00 am - Wake up, Polar Bear Swim, Get ready for the day
8:00 am - Breakfast
8:45 am - Rise and Shine (morning worship)
9:30 am - Discovery Time (Bible study)
10:30 am - Weeklong Activity Period
Noon - Lunch
1:00 pm - Rest Hour 
2:00 pm - Activity Period (camper self-selects daily)
3:00 pm - Camp Store (snack & free time)
4:00 pm - Intentional Cabin Time
5:30 pm - Dinner
6:30 pm - Evening Worship
7:30 pm - Evening Program/All Camp Game!
8:30 pm - Get ready for bed
10:00 pm - Bedtime!

Your child will likely be ready for camp sooner than you might think!

Our Youth Camp experience is designed to start with campers who have finished 2nd grade. Camp provides an excellent opportunity for young individuals to start developing independence and self-reliance.

Cross Roads has implemented a 'No Cellphone' policy for several important reasons, and we encourage parents to support this decision. 

  1. Maintaining a sense of presence: We believe campers benefit from being fully engaged in the camp experience without distractions from electronic devices.
  2. Fostering healthy development: In cases of homesickness, contacting home can hinder the natural social-emotional growth that occurs at camp. Camp provides a secure environment where young individuals receive support and tools to navigate their emotions. 
  3. Balancing screen time: Given the prevalence of electronic devices in our daily lives, we view camp as an opportunity for campers to take a break from constant connectivity and overstimulation.
  4. Minimizing social media overwhelm: The constant connection through social media can be overwhelming, and we aim to provide a reprieve from this constant digital presence during the camp experience.

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. This commitment encompasses their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. To prepare our staff adequately, we conduct extensive training several weeks before our summer programs begin.

Cross Roads holds accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA), an organization that sets rigorous standards for various aspects of the camp experience, further ensuring a secure environment for all campers.

We are intentional about building community and creating programs that foster the development of healthy relationships. Our devoted staff is committed to ensuring a positive experience for every camper, fostering an environment where friendships can naturally develop.

Although the camp schedule is quite full, we are intentional about scheduling a variety of times throughout the day that allow our campers to have choices and agency. Campers have the option of free seating during meal times.

During Activity periods, campers self-select something that interests them. Campers also have time to “recharge” during Camp Store, where they eat snacks and have free time.

It’s entirely normal for children to feel homesick at camp, and our staff is well-trained to assist campers as they navigate these emotions. While it’s understandable to want to reassure your child, phrases like “If you’re not having a good time I will come and pick you up,” inadvertently hinder their ability to work through challenging feelings.

Camp provides a supportive and secure environment where campers can healthily process fear and separation.

We are an intentional faith community where we celebrate the rich diversity of God’s people! Cross Roads is an ecumenical ministry, and we believe camp is a great opportunity to explore scripture and faith. We prioritize helping young people to know that they are loved unconditionally.

Our mission is to help young people grow in their relationship with God, who created them perfectly (with all their imperfections).

Our programs are intentionally designed, from the moment they arrive at camp to their final goodbyes. To get the most out of the experience, we believe it is important for them to experience every stage of the camp program.

Any interruptions to the camp program need to be discussed before your camper arrives at camp.

Your perspective and attitude as a parent/caregiver make a big difference! Please use phrases like “You get to go to camp!” rather than “We’re sending you to camp,” to make the transition much more positive. Camp is fun and life-changing!

Download Welcome Packet

Our camper-to-counselor ratios adhere to the guidelines set by the American Camp Association and the State of New Jersey. 

Cross Roads requires the following ratios of adults (staff members ages 18+) to children:

Camper Age

Number of Staff

Overnight Campers

Daytime Campers 

4-5 years




6-8 years




9-14 years




15-18 years




In addition, all staff members are required to use the “Rule of 3”—there must never be less than 3 adults/children together in a secluded area. This rule protects children in your group from possible abuse, as well as protects adults in your group from accusations of inappropriate conduct.

Staff members are required to be present during ALL program activities to provide supervision.

There is electricity in the cabins! Take a look at our cabins or come visit us!

Follow us on social media for open house dates or other opportunities to engage with camp. 


Cross Roads has instituted a voluntary four-tier tuition structure. Choose the tier that is most suitable for your family’s situation. We are committed to providing an excellent camp experience for all campers, no matter which tier is right for you! For those who cannot afford Tier I, camperships are available to ensure that all have the wonderful opportunity to attend camp.



This rate accounts for accommodations such as housing and meals for a week of camp.



This rate accounts for accommodations such as housing, meals and summer programming for a week of camp.



This rate accounts for accommodations such as housing, meals, summer programming and wear and tear of facilities and grounds for a week of camp.



This rate accounts for accommodations such as housing, meals, summer programming, wear and tear of facilities and grounds and summer staff for a week of camp.


We want every child to experience a week at camp! In order to help make this possible for your family, Cross Roads is offering THE FAMILY MAX. Families with more than 2 youth registering for camp will pay only for the first two campers; every registration after that will be free.

Those wishing to take advantage of this offer must contact the Office prior to registration:

(908) 832-7264 or

NOTE: All children must be from the same household and this offer only applies to the first week of camp for each child (additional weeks will be at regular pricing).


The deposit and $10 registration fee are non-refundable.
However, if Cross Roads cancels your camper’s session/sessions, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Donate any/all monies paid to the ministry of Cross Roads.
  • Apply any/all monies paid to a future session of camp at Cross Roads.
  • Receive a refund for any/all monies paid (less registration fee, if applicable).

If the Federal Government, the Centers for Disease Control, state or local authorities, or the written advice of a physician keeps you from coming to camp due to COVID-19, know that the same options listed above apply to monies paid.


Come and visit Cross Roads Camp & Retreat Center for one of our open houses this spring!

Learn all about our summer and year-round opportunities. Take a tour of the camp, hear stories about summer camp, ask questions of our staff, and finish with a delicious lunch in the dining hall.

These are especially great opportunities for families interested in sending their children to camp for the first time (or attending Family Camp together) or for retreat leaders interested in one of our many buildings that are open year-round.

These tours start at 10:30 am from the Lodge. Please RSVP by the Monday before the date attending.


Ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience the joy of camp!


A - Ask your minister for church or community funds to assist in sending your child or family to an outdoor ministry program. Often there are monies that exist for just this purpose and they are often provided anonymously! Your minister is the only person that needs to know you even asked.

B - Begin to plan how much you can provide toward the total cost of camp. For example, if you would like a campership, the remaining balance due may be divided by the number of months that will pass BEFORE you attend camp. You’ll determine that you need to only save a portion due each month. Make your own special “camp bank” to save your money – have everyone in your family contribute to the cause! In order for Cross Roads to provide as many outdoor ministry experiences as possible for youth and families, you may apply for one campership per child annually.

C - Complete the form on the back of this sheet. Be sure to answer all sections and get your minister’s signature which is required at the bottom of the campership request. His or her signature only signifies that you have indeed completed Step A above. Then, mail the form to us (along with a registration form, if you have not already done so). Once we have received all the completed paperwork, a determination will be made about campership dollars. You will be notified regarding your campership status.

D - Done! See, easy as A-B-C-D!